The Education arm of NLCC was established in July 2011 with a vision to educate and empower underprivileged children from Kampung Muhibbah (a low income settlement off Jalan Puchong). Our objective is to help those most in need and to initiate social change by stressing the importance of education and exposure to the English Language.

Our lesson plans include cross-curricular education and project based leaning. The children range from 5-14 years of age with different levels of abilities, needs and interests. With this in mind, we encourage experiential learning and create a safe environment for the children to express themselves. Field trips are organised to enhance and bring adventure into their lives.

Our teachers are all volunteers who carry a passion to nurture and impart knowledge. Their dedication is the driving force behind the success of NLCC. We currently run classes every Saturday, from 10am – 12pm and have about 21-25 kids. Refreshments and lunch are provided.

If you would like to be volunteer or sponsor/partner with us to meet our operational as well as upgrading costs, kindly contact the undersigned. Alternatively, please drop in and see the extent of our work and how we are impacting the community around us.

We are making a difference!

Contact Person:

Vanitha Samuel 
( Tel : 019-3950159)

Click here for News and Activities of NLCC

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